Exemption: Breakthrough / Osvobojdenie: Proryiv (1969) () Full Movie Download

original title: Exemption: Breakthrough / Osvobojdenie: Proryiv
rating: ()
The USSR, dir. Yuri Ozerov
drama, war
Mikhail Ulyanov, Nikolay Olyalin, …
running time: 91 minutes
release date: 1969


A large-scale historical kinoepopeya Yuri Ozerov ‘Liberation’ consists of five films. Film the second – ‘Breakthrough’ is dedicated to the battle for the Dnepr and the offensive of Soviet troops in 1944. In the center of the film is the fate of the battalion, who fought at the bridgehead.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (1) Gosh Ehrenov – 12.06.2012 A typical blockbuster or the continuation of the great epic war of 7.5/10 The second part of the great epic ‘Liberation’ justifies itself in terms of the development of side story lines, dedicated to the pressure of politicians and their intrigues, and the fate of ordinary soldiers, in the name of their Motherland give rebuff to the German invaders… read more\’
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